Q&A With MLBPA Certified Sports Agent Curtis Dishman

About a week or so ago, I had the pleasure of talking to MLBPA certified sports agent Curtis Dishman. He has two major league clients – Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tony Cingrani and St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Peter Bourjos. Curtis had a successful 15-year career as a major league scout for three different organizations – the Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers. He spent the final eight years as a crosschecker, traveling across the country and playing a pivotal role in the selection of top draft picks and major league trades. I asked him about his time as a scout, as well getting his take on some of the recent hot topics in the world of baseball.

What were some of the day-to-day things you did in your time as a scout?

Well, primarily my job as a scout was to prepare for the Major League Draft. I was a national crosschecker, which meant I flew all over the country and saw the best players in the country and tried to – with the help of the other scouts on the scouting staff – rank the players according to how we liked them and how we saw them and put a prep list together and draft off that prep list.

Were there any big name prospects you remember bringing in?

When I was in Detroit we drafted Justin Verlander. When I was in Boston we drafted Jon Lester and Jonathan Papelbon.

I wanted to ask you about the recent epidemic of Tommy John Surgeries. What are some of the things that you do to protect your clients from arm troubles?

That’s more player development than anything I do. I don’t think the doctors or the trainers have figured anything out, specifically, to keep that at bay. I’m really not qualified to talk about  how to stay away from a Tommy John.

Out of all the pitchers that have ever pitched in the MLB, who does Tony Cingrani remind you the most of?

He’s very unique. He’s able to pitch with mainly the fastball at the major league level and I don’t really have anyone that jumps to my mind. He does it in a unique way. I think he throws fastball over 80% of the time and guys just have a hard time seeing it. So I don’t really have anybody that I can compare him to.

What are your thoughts on the new home plate collision rule in baseball?

I think it’s good that they’re trying to protect the catchers. If they can find a way to do it then good for them.

What about instant replay? Do you think it helps the game?

I think it helps.

Do you think it slows the game down too much?

No. I think it’s pretty much a wash if the manager is going to go out there and argue for three minutes. Hopefully they can spend those three minutes to get the call right.

Alright, I appreciate the time. Have a great day!

 Alright, Anton. Thank you.


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