MLB Home Opener Price Comparisons

Opening Day is almost upon us, baseball fans. If you’re planning on buying tickets to go and see your ballclub’s home opener, here are the prices of those games and how they stack up compared to other teams in baseball.

According to Vivid Seats, here are the prices to every home opener this season:

It comes to no surprise that the two teams that played in last year’s World Series have the highest tickets prices for their home openers. The Boston Red Sox’s home opener has by far the highest ticket prices – followed by last year’s National League Champions the St. Louis Cardinals.


It goes without saying, but last year’s ticket prices were much different than they will be this year. Some prices went up while others dropped significantly. Here’s a comparison of this year’s Opening Day ticket prices to last year’s Opening Day ticket prices:

Once again, the Boston Red Sox top the list, as they saw the largest increase in average ticket prices for this year’s home opener. The San Francisco Giants, on the other hand, saw the most significant decrease in average ticket prices for this year’s home opener.

Judging from this report, it doesn’t appear that team success has much to do with the team’s ticket prices for their home opener. The Boston Red Sox may top both list as they head into the season following their World Series victory, but teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks, Minnesota Twins and the Chicago Cubs also saw their average ticket prices significantly increase. However, the Diamondbacks and Twins still have the two cheapest ticket prices in baseball despite both being in the top ten on the list showing how much their prices increased from last season.

On the flip side, you’ll notice that teams like the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants all still have fairly high ticket prices for their home openers despite all dropping their prices significantly from last season.

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