Russell Wilson to Suit Up for the Rangers on Monday

AP/Getty Images

AP/Getty Images

Super Bowl Champion quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks will be working out with the Texas Rangers come Monday. Wilson was taken by the Rangers in this year’s Rule Five Draft during the winter meetings in December. Rumors have been circulating since the Super Bowl about whether or not Wilson would make an appearance at the Rangers’ spring training camp in Surprise, AZ.

It was first reported that Wilson would attend spring training as a moral booster for the team, to keep the camp in a “winning atmosphere.” Since that first report Wilson’s agent has gone back and forth on what the Seahawks quarterback would decide to do regarding his second sport. Wilson’s intentions were made clear as he tweeted on February 20, 2014,

“@DangeRussWilson Hey @Ranger fans…See you at “Surprise” Arizona on March 3! #SpringTraining.”

Wednesday the Rangers made it official. Wilson will at least take part in the Rangers’ morning workouts. He will also be in the dugout and in uniform for Monday’s game against the Cleveland Indians. Russell is a dedicated professional athlete and is more than likely practicing his baseball techniques right now, although he is not scheduled to play in Monday’s game. You never really know though do you?

This has been called a Rangers’ publicity stunt by many. It’s true. There will be publicity. Fans will come from all over to see Wilson in a baseball uniform. I will be in Arizona and if I have the chance I would want to see it, being neither a Mariners nor Rangers fan.

There has even been speculation of whether or not there will be Wilson merchandise available at the Rangers’ stores but that is really very doubtful because it seems that the Rangers’ could really want Wilson around to be a positive influence. He does have valuable, professional experience that will be beneficial to the Rangers’ players regardless of the fact the two sports are very different. The elements are certainly there and the ascertainment has been made that he will be at camp. It seems that the Rangers’ hope is more for their players than for publicity but the publicity will certainly come with Wilson either way.

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