Trade Matchmaker: Giancarlo Stanton To The Red Sox

Giancarlo Stanton

Talk about a blockbuster.

Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton has been mentioned in trade rumors over the last two years after speaking out about the organization and their lack of commitment to winning after the team held a fire sale after a rough 2012 season.

At age 24, and already widely considered one of the bright one stars in the game due to his ability to hit a ball 500 feet on any given swing, Stanton has 117 career home runs already in his four big league seasons, and boasts a career rate of a home run every 14.9 at bats, best of any player in baseball over that time-frame.

The 2012 all-star also led the National League in slugging (.608) in that same season and has a .889 career OPS that’s likely to do nothing but increase as he starts to make more contact and develops more plate discipline.

Although the Marlins obviously would like to sign their young superstar long-term, and it appears he’s still open to doing so, they’d likely have to give him a deal with an annual salary of around $20M per season, to big a blow for  the cash-strapped Marlins, a franchise that is unlikely to build a contender if they commit so much money to one player with a mediocre farm system and a depleted major league roster.

So why not get two, three, or even four top prospects for their unhappy superstar to help fill that void at the major league level? The only problem is, who has the prospects, and would they be willing to give up that much for Stanton?

You bet they would.

Enter the Boston Red Sox.


Hear me out here. The Red Sox have one of the deepest minor league systems in all of baseball, have a ballpark that perfectly suits a right-handed power hitter, have the money to sign Stanton to an extension, and currently have Will Middlebrooks in an expendable position, someone the Marlins reportedly went after this winter.

So if Ben Cherington calls up the Marlins and says they’ll send them Middlebrooks, left-handed pitching prospect Henry Owens, right-handed pitching prospect Matt Barnes, and right-hander Allen Webster–a massively talented package–just for Stanton, who says no?

It’s possible nobody does.

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So the Red Sox are basically going to trade away all their pitching prospects for Stanton? Not very smart since Ryan Dempster just retired, Jake Peavy, and Jon Lester are free agents and John Lackeys a free agent after next season. They should hang on to one of their pitchers and add a position player. Such as Swihart or something.

Is just a proposal.

That is what a player like Stanton is going to cost on the market. Middlebrooks value is pretty low.

They would still have Workman, Johnson, Ball, Webster, Raunado,. Are also likely to resign Lester, still have Doubront. Buchholz, De La Rosa. Can sign a free agent arm. Plenty of options there.

Except Webster is in this proposed trade

Sorry about that. Still have all those other high-upside arms.

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