Five Managers On The Hot Seat Going Into 2014


1. Ned Yost, Kansas City Royals

After a slight improvement form 2011 to 2012, Yost led the Royals to an 86-76 season in 2013 behind a solid core group of young players. If the Royals flop, and players like Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez take a step backwards instead of forward, Yost might find himself unemployed. The rebuilding years in Kansas City are over, they’re expected to contend, and if they don’t someone’s got to go.

2. Rod Gardenhire, Minnesota Twins

A man with seven top three finishes in Manager of the Year award voting and a one-time winner, “Gardy” as he’s affectionately called has struggled to produce any kind of results of late after six division titles in his first nine years at the helm in Minnesota. Over the last three seasons, the Twins have a winning percentage of just over .400 and have 95+ losses in each season.

For Gardy to save his job, he’s going to have to do more with less like he did in his first few seasons as manager, but it’s a tough situation with such a weak roster.

3. Bo Porter, Houston Astros

It kind of seems like every Astros manager has been on the hot seat over the last six or seven years, and Porter is no exception. The youngest manager in baseball at age 41, Porter will have to show he can develop all the young talent the Astros have coming to the major leagues, or the organization will find someone else who can.

4. Brad Ausmus, Detroit Tigers

Like Mike Matheny was handed a great Cardinals team after Tony LaRussa retired, Ausmus goes into 2014 with a loaded roster that was just a couple of pitches away from an American League pennant last season. With no previous managerial experience and a lot to prove, the 44-year-old has drawn rave reviews throughout the league, but will have to prove he’s a leader of men or he’ll crumble under the expectations.

5. Rick Renteria, Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have been recycling manager’s these days, but Renteria is expected to represent a fresh start for Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro, and a key piece in the development of the plethora of top prospects the organization has down on the farm ready to make an impact. Theo Epstein wants to win sooner rather than later, and if Renteria isn’t the right man for the job, the GM will likely keep running through managers until he finds one that is right.

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