Rockies Lose Rosario/Logan


Colorado Rockies place both catcher Wilin Rosario and and LHP Boone Logan on the 15-day DL. Wilin Rosario is recovering from inflammation in his left wrist and Boone Logan is heading to the DL recovering from inflammation in his left elbow, his second time this year with this injury and third time on the DL overall. The team has called up LHP Christian Fredrich and catcher Jackson Williams from AAA.

Wilin Rosario has had yet another injury plagued season and it shows in the stats. Rosario is always going to be an AVG risk but this year his power is slightly down as well only having an ISO of .151 compared to a career .207. One good sign for Rosario is the lowered BABIP of .276 compared to his career .307. Next year this number should average out and if he does it could mean a nice bounce back for Rosario and with the increase in AVG his power should also average out as well. Rosario is a free swinger and the K% shows it though it is technically down this year and his BB% is up the numbers don’t support this as a growing trend and more likely due to lack of plate appearances. Next year is going to have to be his year since this year looks like a lost cause. This is the last season for his current contract and the Rockies are going to have to make a choice to stay with him or look elsewhere.

Wilin Rosario

2014 5.9% 18.2% .248 .289 .399 .687 .151 .276 .296 71 -0.3
2013 3.2% 23.4% .292 .315 .486 .801 .194 .344 .348 105 2.1
Career 4.8% 22.4% .269 .303 .476 .779 .207 .304 .334 95 3.0



Boone Logan signed with the Rockies this last offseason after a successful season with the New York Yankees as a LH specialist. This season has not been a good showing for him even when he has been healthy. His ERA is the highest he’s had in his career since 2006 when he first got called up to the majors, his FIP supports his poor play. There are some things that could be a good sign for Logan; an 11.52 K/9 is a very elite total and can actually balance out his higher BB/9 3.96. The injuries could also be taking its toll on this year since his BABIP is at .379, an extremely high average for a relief pitcher and 50 points higher than his career BABIP. The big question is how much of these struggles are due to being in Colorado? This year is his career worst HR/9 which is a classic symptom of Mile High. Logan had a 1-year deal with the Rockies and with the performance he’s shown this year I doubt the Rockies will bring him back.

Boone Logan

2014 11.52 3.96 2.16 .298 1.68 .379 6.84 160 5.13 119 -0.3
2013 11.54 3.00 1.62 .226 1.18 .292 3.23 79 3.82 94 0.3
Career 9.20 3.92 1.18 .265 1.49 .327 4.57 105 4.19 96 1.6


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Ned Yost Adresses Fans


After the walk off win against the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday Ned Yost had this to say to fans.

“We’ve been working hard to try to make our fans happy and make our fans proud of us for a lot of years,” Yost said, “and we’d like them to enjoy a night like that.”


He went on to say:

“The reason I do this job, there’s two reasons: One is I’ve been to the World Series six times. I know that feeling. I know the excitement. I know what goes along with it,” Yost said. “And one of my main things is I want these players to experience that, because it’s very, very important. And the opportunities to do it are far and few between.”


“And the other thing is I want the fans to experience that,” he said. “It’s a special time. It’s been a long time since our fans have been able to enjoy a playoff run.”


The main question is does Yost have the right to say anything or not? The team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 1985 and it shows with the fan base not believing the team right now. Yost even mentions this as being a potential reason and I don’t blame the fans. The team has a strong chance to make the playoffs this year but with the teams history the fans are skeptical. KC has some of the more loyal fans in the sport, when they start winning and when it comes closer to the playoffs they will come. The Kansas City Royals currently rank 25th overall in attendance even being in 1st in their division.

McCutchen Suffers Rib Injury


            The Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen potentially reinjures his ribs and could be out more time on DL. There hasn’t been a set time frame on the injury and the team is still looking into what the injury is exactly and what the best course of action is for the McCutchen and the team moving forward. Clint Hurdle added this when talking about McCutchen

“Today caught up to him in a couple of different ways,”


“Tonight got to be a point where we didn’t think we needed to push any farther than he did.”


The Pirates are currently 69-64 and 4.5 games behind the Milwaukee Brewers and 1 game behind the Giants for the second Wild Card spot.

Nothing has really changed about McCutchen statistically since coming off the DL. He’s still having a fantastic season and could repeat as the NL MVP even if his numbers are actually down from last seasons. A slash line of .307/.403/.539 is one of the better slash lines in the league and having a 13.3% BB% combined with the low 17.4% K% puts him near the top of the league in both categories. The real thing to note is how he leads in almost all the major categories on the Pirates and losing him decreases the chances of a playoff birth significantly.

Anibal Sanchez Suffers Set Back


Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez suffered a set back in his return from the DL. Sanchez was placed on the DL for a strain in his right pectoral muscle and last Monday felt pain while throwing. Talking to manager Brad Ausmus Sanchez said that he felt better after some rest but the team still is being cautious with him.

“With the situation we are (in) right now, of course I’m concerned,” Sanchez said. “I don’t like being on the bench, just seeing everything happen. I know the team is going to do very well, we’re going to start playing better. Personally, I’m a very competitive person, and I like being on the mound all of the time.”


Sanchez hasn’t had the season he had in 2013 but it’s not entirely his fault. Sanchez has a 2.71 FIP so far this season and while it’s higher than last years 2.39 it’s still an above average FIP and a big difference from his actual ERA that stands at 3.46. Detroit’s defense was never anything to write home about but the fact there’s such a gap really shows how bad they’ve been for Sanchez. He has struggled to strike out the same number of batters as last year, having a K/9 of 7.34, but is pitching closer to his career K/9 of 7.94. The only real negative is the fact that his fly ball rate has gone up 3% but it doesn’t really seemed to affect him much still having a career low 0.29 HR/9. The best thing about Sanchez is the lowered BB/9 and his ability to maintain that low BB%.

Anibal Sanchez

2014 7.34 2.16 0.29 .224 1.10 .278 3.46 87 2.71 69 3.5
2013 9.99 2.67 0.45 .226 1.15 .307 2.57 63 2.39 59 6.3
Career 7.94 3.09 0.70 .245 1.29 .298 3.54 87 3.46 84 23.9

Lincecum sent to Pen


In a not so surprising decision the San Francisco Giants have sent 2 time CY Young Award winner Tim Lincecum to the bullpen. Yusmerio Petit will be taking Lincecum’s spot in the rotation. The choice is a smart one looking at Lincecum’s last 6 starts where he has a 1-3 record with an ERA of 9.49, a WHIP of 2.27, and opposing hitters are batting .380 off of him. Manager Bruce Bochy made it clear that he didn’t think this was a permanent change for the team stating: “He’s fine,” and “He’s going to work on some things. It’s no problem with him.” Bochy also didn’t mention when he though Lincecum could see a return to the rotation.

Tim Lincecum’s career has taken quite the down turn since 2009. After a mediocre season in 2010 he hasn’t recorded a winning season and this year didn’t show much change. Lincecum’s K/9 ratio took another dive from 8.79 to 8.05 and a significant rise in his BB/9 from 3.46 in 2013 and a 3.84 this year. Both of which are just bad signs and a potential loss of control. As expected his batting average against has risen as well to a .254 this season, to this date the highest in his career, and combined with a BABIP that has been pretty stable the last 3 seasons this doesn’t seem like luck is against him as much as this is the new Lincecum. There does seem to be one area that has shown improvement, Lincecum has lowered his FB% and risen his GB% that, if he focused on this new strategy, could be the key to a rebirth. Given that he’s showing such little improvement overall his starting pitching career may be in danger, but given his success as a relief pitcher back in the 2012 World Series it is possible that he could re-invent himself as bullpen help.

Tim Lincecum

2014 8.05 3.84 1.05 .254 1.41 4.64 136 4.21 122 0.0
2013 8.79 3.46 0.96 .243 1.32 4.37 126 3.74 107 1.5
Career 9.48 3.51 0.73 .229 1.26 3.57 94 3.30 87 27.6

Cubs Call Up Jorge Solar


The Chicago Cubs have brought up another young star in Jorge Solar. The 22-year-old Cuban born            has played very well in the minors this year rising through the ranks from Rookie ball to AA to AAA in one season. With this call up the Cubs have called up Arismendy Alcantara, Javier Baez and Matt Szczur this year and with all the depth the Cubs have in the minors there’s more to come.

Jorge Solar was a major prize for the Cubs back in 2012 and he will be a staple in the Cubs OF for years to come. Solar’s strengths are very similar to fellow top prospect Javier Baez. Solar is strong and has amazing raw power that could translate into a 35 HR player in the future. He also has a cannon for an arm and could have one of the strongest RF arms in the minors. But much like Baez he shares similar weaknesses in his contact ability and that could cut into his power ability. He also can lose focus in the field and at the plate, which will get frustrating at times. He struggles against arm side pitchers and can struggle with pitch recognition in general. Overall Jorge Solar should be a very productive member of the team but Cubs fans may have to be patient till he comes to full potential.

Jorge Solar

20-80 Scale

Hit Power Run Glove Arm
55 70 45 50 70

Oakland Acquires Soto for Cash


Late on Sunday the Oakland A’s acquire catcher Geovany Soto from the Texas Rangers for cash. The A’s placed John Jaso on the 7-day DL list for a concussion, which was what probably lead to this trade in the first place. Soto will probably be the back up to Derek Norris who has had a strong season even if he has slowed down since the hot start.

Soto has been hurt all of 2014 and has only played in 10 games so far this year. 10 games isn’t really a viable sample size to gauge how Soto has been playing so it’s not fair to say if he’s played well. Soto’s career looked very promising back in 2007 when he came up and really batted well having a slash line of .389/.433/.667 in 60 plate appearances and the next season was a break out year for him. After 08 though his career took a down turn do to ineffective hitting and being plagued by injuries. While Soto did make a come back in 2010 his last 4 seasons have been very mediocre or worse. On the plus side his defense has been solid and as a back up for the A’s that may all they want him for.

Closer Doolittle to DL

Oakland A's

            On August 25th the Oakland A’s have placed All-Star closer Sean Doolittle on the 15-day DL. Doolittle suffered a strain on his right intercostal ligament and was placed on the DL mere hours before Sunday’s game against divisional rivals the Los Angeles Angels. The A’s called up RHP Dan Otero from the minors to pitch in place of Doolittle.

Doolittle had a very strong season last year but really showed what he could do this season improving his ERA from 3.13 last year in 70 games to 2.28 in 54. His greatest improvement has been in his K/BB, last year Doolittle had a 4.62 K/BB and this season he’s shot up to an astounding 16.00! He has walked far fewer batters, dropping his BB% from 1.70 to 0.81, and struck out a very impressive 13.01 batters per nine innings. Doolittle seems to be incorporating a Two-seamer into his arsenal, which has really been effective against LHB, and his Four-seamer has seen improved location to compliment his Curveball.

Sean Doolittle

2014 13.01 0.81 0.65 .168 0.70 2.28 61 1.46 40 2.4
2013 7.83 1.70 0.52 .211 0.96 3.13 81 2.71 71 1.6
Career 10.49 1.52 0.58 .201 0.91 2.83 73 2.13 55 5.6


Dan Otero has had limited time in the majors but has actually been pretty successful in that time. Otero was on the opening day roster for the A’s but was optioned to the minors during the deadline. His numbers say he’s been a bit lucky having a FIP that is a little high at 3.29 but it isn’t terrible. Otero hasn’t been able to really strike out major league batters, something he was able to do in the minors, but his ability to induce the ground ball while not allowing that many fly balls. While you’d like to see more strike outs being a ground ball pitcher in Oakland is a perfect fit. Its not particularly clear how long he will stay in the majors he should be able to help fill the void that the A’s are feeling losing Doolittle.

Dan Otero

2014 4.00 1.25 0.38 .244 1.07 1.38 60 3.29 89 0.6
2013 6.23 1.38 0.00 .275 1.23 2.25 36 2.12 56 0.8
Career 4.89 1.31 0.22 .266 1.18 2.34 62 2.87 77 1.5

BREAKING: Sources Say Red Sox Closing In On Deal For Cuban OF Rusney Castillo

It looks like the Rusney Castillo sweepstakes is coming to an end.

According to multiple MLB sources and Boston Globe writer Gordon Edes, the Red Sox are closing in on a deal with the Cuban outfielder.

Castillo–who wants to play in the majors this season–would be a seemingly perfect fit for the out-of-contention Red Sox, who already have Cuban outifelder Yoenis Cespedes and have no reason not to give him a shot at big league pitching for the rest of this season.

The prized 27-year-old will bring a Carlos Gomez-like skillset to the MLB, albeit with a little less power in his 5’9” 190 pound frame. His addition would seemingly muddle the future of top prospect Mookie Betts, but as the Red Sox saw this season, you can never have enough outfield help.

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Yankees Tanaka says “I’m fine”


After just over a month on the DL for a partial tear in his UCL Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka says his arm is good enough to move forward. Wednesday Tanaka threw a 35-pitch rehab session, including 5 splitters, and declared that his arm felt healthy enough to move forward.

“I feel that I’ve gotten the health to the point where the elbow is fine now,” –Masahiro Tanaka


Tanaka did report that his pitches felt “rusty” but that is to expected after throwing so little over the past months. The next step in the plan will be for Tanaka to throw a full bullpen session, under many watchful eyes. If he fairs well in the bullpen sessions he will move on to a simulated game and after that a full rehab start in the minors. General Manager Brian Cashman has stated that there is no practice timetable but the more strenuous of the exercises won’t happen this month. Team manager Joe Girardi has said that they will have regular MRI’s on Tanaka’s elbow even though he is throwing pain free to insure that the partial tear is fully healed.

The team is doing everything right to make sure that Tanaka is healthy and to help avoid Tommy John surgery. If it does end up that Tanaka needs Tommy John then the team will lose him for next season, which he would have had to do anyways if he had gotten the surgery after the diagnosis. The rehab is slow but in the end could mean the difference between Tanaka coming back now and healthy or coming back in 2016 with major questions. The team will be keeping a close on Tanaka for a while even once this scare has passed.

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